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Install Helm on Kubernetes

This is a quick example of how to install Helm on Kubernetes. Helm is a management tool used to install Kubernetes container configurations.


Helm can be installed with a script from the repo.

To install Helm run the scripts/ script from the repo.

curl | bash

Initialize Helm

To add Helm controls to your Kubernetes cluster, begin with the helm init command.

helm init

Create a ServiceAccount

If you've used kubeadm to setup the cluster, then you'll need to add a service account for tiller as well.

kubectl create serviceaccount --namespace kube-system tiller
kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller-cluster-rule --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=kube-system:tiller
kubectl patch deploy --namespace kube-system tiller-deploy --patch '{"spec": {"template": {"spec": {"serviceAccount": "tiller"} } } }'

That's All

Happy Helming!